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Default Re: AMD layes off employees,in seeking cost savings

Originally Posted by a_big_burger
I will never trust Henri Richard again. He is such a lier. He painted such a rosy picture at the end of last year... and what have happened since then?
My friend lost a lot of money on AMD stocks because this bastard!

I have an old FX-55 and I have to switch to AM2 to upgrade to a decent AMD CPU.

I may switch to the dark side for the first time!

You know that you only loose the money on a stock when you sell-out. If your friend bought AMD stock and it went down and he sold it.....please let me know who he is......I've got a really "good" stock tip for him.

When Shares in stock like AMD take a turn for the have 2 choices 1. Sellout and cut your losses 2. Hold on and wait for the stock to recover.

Don't Blame Henri for your friends lack of balls...and his sellout tactics.

AMD stock will be back up to $40 again....actually now is a really good time to buy. My money is on Barcelona....not on the gorilla.

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