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Default Re: Post Your 8800 Gts Overclocks

Originally Posted by Vagabond
911 , A serious Overclocker would open a topic and speak about BOTH the normal Rivatuner/Coolbits/Powerstrip Overclock AND the Bios Overclock so everyone would know what applies in each case.
He didnt and thus people who read the topic like yourself are guessing that the same restrictions apply for BIOS overclocking.
I hope you understand now.
Since the vast majority of users out there overclock via software, and not via BIOS flashing, I don't necessarily think the two deserve equal consideration. Perhaps a note at the end of the post would be appropriate, but I still fail to see how lack of mentioning BIOS flashing makes him not a "serious overclocker," but we must differ on our definitions of "serious."

TBH, "guessing that the same restrictions apply for BIOS overclocking" never occurred to me, because the only time I've had to flash a video card BIOS to overclock is on my laptop...until somebody unlocked the BIOS so it could be overclocked via software. BIOS flashing to overclock my desktop video card wasn't even on my radar.

Now, if his assertions are true in that post (and I think they are), perhaps more users will turn to BIOS flashing for their overclocking needs.
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