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Default /etc/security/console.perms line deletion !


I've just installed Unreal Tournament 2003 on my Linux Red Hat 9.0 PC. My graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200 (8*AGP).

All went well until I tried to run the game under a normal user, upon which I received this error message :

"Error: Could not open /dev/nvidiactl because the permissions
are too restrictive. Please see the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
section of /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README for steps
to correct."

I consulted the doc, and found a reference to this error, and followed the instructions to hopefully remedy it.

I deleted the line beginning with <dri> , and reset the permissions (as stated in the doc) by using the commands :

chmod 0666 /dev/nvidia*
chown root /dev/nvidia*

Unfortunately, now when I try to login as a normal user, Linux does not recognise my login and password for my normal user account !

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what that line was, so I can replace it. I would then just play the game as root. I can't find a reference to the line I deleted anywhere, and I'd really like my normal user account login to work again !

The line I deleted was in :


It was the only line beginning with <dri>.

You can probably tell that I'm a Linux noob, so apologies if this is an easily fixed problem.

Thanks for your time, and any information you might have to help me.


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