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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345
the world is dead and stale no life in it.. the are just 2 big cities that are too big and the loading times sucks between the zones

There is no clear path where is what its just scattered all over the place with crappy quests that you need to visit every zone to see

In wow you can just play normally and youll always have good quests to do with nice rewards. In EQ2 you must search for them or go through internet sites and forums to know where they are...

Its booooooooooooooring

its actually one of the worst and most boring mmorpgs that I have played.. even korean mmorpg where there is almost just grinding are more fun and exciting than eq2

1) Floating leafs, lighting, butterflys, etc etc. In the new zones... I've never seen a MMORPG with more life. You're one of those idiots that talk about 2004 EQ2 (not 2007 EQ2) like they have a clue what's going one - either using memories from two years ago or quoting other people.
2) "clear path" - that sentence doesn't even make sense.
3) There are 3 major cities, not two and a 4th is on the way.
4) There are more quests in EQ2 than WoW
5) So the quests that result in the best items and such - you're saying they have flashing neon signs in WoW but in EQ2 you just wrongly have to figure it out for yourself (LOL - even that doesn't make sense).
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