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Ok, I'll check that out. Yeah, I tried 75-75 one time and it did NOT like that lol. Of course, I actually prefer 1152x864 and it was running that at the same refresh I use in Windows (85 again) but the screen was shifted to the right for some reason. However I noticed once I installed the downloaded driver my screen shifted over to the left so maybe the "problem" I was having with screen position is now fixed so I'm gonna try 1152 again and see how it looks before I go play with the refresh again.

[edit] Well that's weird. I just tried 1152 and checking the OSD on the monitor the frequencies match what I get in windows but the screen is 1/4 inch off to the right. Must be something to do with the drivers I guess. I also just finished upgrading to the latest kernel on the RH site, a 13-9 Athlon kernel and just had to reinstall the display driver because of it so I know the display driver is in there correctly.

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