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Originally Posted by nekrosoft13
no offence, but if you were going to get a new motherboard, really should have went with intel c2d instead of getting stuck with amd again.

unless you are some hardcore amd fan that buys amd just because it says amd on it.

you got the ram, bought a cpu and now mobo, this would have been a perfect time to get something that performs better.
I am happy with the AMD brand. When I become discontent with it, then I will buy Intel. Right now, I am satisfied with it.
Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
He is.... I think Disciple has had to explain himself over 100 times now that he just likes buying AMD products. Even if they are subpar.
Honestly, buying a e6600 is not worth may be a little faster, but it's not some blinding speed that would make me worship it for all of my days. I know that reviews have shown it to be faster, but come on, how much difference is a A64 6000 compared to a 6600? Not enough for me to switch camp.
Originally Posted by CybrSage
DD likes supporting the underdog.

He also supports a great many other things, such as free root beer to everyone on Fridays.

I know, it is odd, but DD is an odd person.
I don't drink root beer.
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