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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
I am happy with the AMD brand. When I become discontent with it, then I will buy Intel. Right now, I am satisfied with it.

Honestly, buying a e6600 is not worth may be a little faster, but it's not some blinding speed that would make me worship it for all of my days. I know that reviews have shown it to be faster, but come on, how much difference is a A64 6000 compared to a 6600? Not enough for me to switch camp.

I don't drink root beer.

I hear ya. I've always used AMD chips. Never owned an Intel chip and never will. I like going against the popular bandwagon anyway,always have always will. It's funny how alot people now that used to question why someone would buy a pentium 3 or 4 now question why buy A64 chips and not the almighty Core Duo Intel chips. Oh well! Good luck on the O/C.
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