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Originally Posted by john19055
The prices of AMD CPU are sure getting cheap,you can get the AM2 X2 3600 65 nm Brisbane for $65 with free shipping and it looks like they will overclock good too.It looks like most people can get 2.8g to 3gigs out of it.It looks like a great deal when you can get a dual core and get 3gigs out of it for $65 and memory sure has come down ,you can get 2gigs of DDR2 800 for under $120

The price cuts were insane,I need to pay more attention to these types of things. I bought my FX 60 when it was 600.00 I thought that was good and a few months later the were cut again. I've always just bought the best right when it came out, not anymore. I just decided to skip the AM2 ddr2 upgrade because 1 I spent a lot on my current rig and I'm 2 lazy to do another build. I just re built my kids rigs not to long ago. I'm waiting to see what I can get in the 1st quarter of 2008.
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