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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

Originally Posted by Xion X2
Lian Li cases are great for mounting rads in. So are Silverstones. The TJ-09(?) has room for a two-fan rad in the top of the case. It's already cut to fit two fans. It's the case that Tiki has that I'm talking about.

As for parts, it really decides on what all you want to cool. Go here to learn all you ever wanted to learn and narrow it all down to a preference:
Ok so after thinking about it for a while...and looking at my available's what I've decided. For now I'm just going to watercool the CPU, with plans to add the 8800GTX and possibly the chipset to the loop in the future. Here's what I'm looking at getting:

-Swiftech APOGEE GTX CPU block
-Thermochill Pa 120.1 radiator with shroud
-Swiftech MCRES-MICRO reservoir
-DDC-2 pump w/ petra's tech top
-7/16" ID Tygon Tubing
-D-Tek 1/2" High-Flow fittings for everything
-Stainless hose clamps (worm drive type)
-UV Reactive Pentosin G11 Coolant Additive (Blue)
-Petra'sTech "PT_Nuke" Concentrated Biocide

Is there anything I'm missing? And what do you think about the PA 120.1 Rad...will it be enough to cool just my CPU? I would think it would...

The reason I'm not going with the 120.2 rad is because I don't know if it will fit in the case I'm getting (CM Stacker 832). I figure for now I'll get the 120.1 and later when I add the GPU and Chipset to the loop, I can either figure out where to put a 120.2 or get another 120.1...Is it ok to have 2 separate rads? I think 2 separate single fan rads would fit better than a 2 fan one... I could put them in my loop so it looks like this:

res > pump > CPU > rad1 > GPU > Chipset > Rad2 > res

So...comments? suggestions?
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