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Default Re: Played Everquest 2 for the first time...

Originally Posted by glObalist
So how exactly does the ****ty performance of 2004 EQ2 translate to 2007? Can you post any comparison screenshots? And I mean gameplay- and graphics-wise ****ty- had to uninstall this mess after 30 mins in 2006 when the free *some* Island expansion that I got to try came around...
OMG your opinon of EQ2 is based on the newbie island free trial, and, you thought it was an expansion?

Actually the performance of EQ2 has improved a lot since release. But, I was talking about gameplay.

Hmm... EQ2 went live a little less than two and a half years ago. There have been 3 major expansions and 33 live updates.

Take a loot at the Live Update 33 notes, and then try and picture that these type of game updates have happened on average about once a month since launch:

I haven't actually played EQ2 in a month and I'm not loyal to it at all. I've been casually trying LOTR-O, Vanguard, and the WoW expansion as well as goofing off with some FPS's and 360 games over the last couple of months.

My opinon is that (still) overall EQ2 is the best MMORPG out there, and easily the most polished and content rich MMO.

Stupid comments about EQ2 annoy the hell out of me. Espically from people that base their thoughts about the game on the newbie isle trial while thinking that was an expansion.
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