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Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC
I hope that they do come out with them soon, because then the nvidia prices are gonna drop!
I browsed through Newegg's CrossFire motherboards- and my favorite has to be the EPoX. I'm wanting to have more than one PCI slot available, and would like to even have a PCI-e x1 slot available as well even if I'm using two dual-slot video cards. The EPoX board fits that bill nicely.

Also, I'm still running dual PATA hard drives, and use dual PATA optical drives, so have two IDE ports would be ideal. The EPoX has this. Plus, it has six SATA ports plus one external SATA port (plenty for me). It also handles up to 16GB of ram. More than I'll need anytime soon.

Anyhow, I'm not impressed with any of ASUS' or any other companies offerings for CrossFire mobo's. Maybe if the HD 2900XT is the beast the specs imply it will be, Newegg will get a fresh supply of really awesome CrossFire mobos (comparable to ASUS' CrossHair mobo for SLi).
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