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Default Re: 6800GT AGP component video out

Originally Posted by WimpMiester
Can a 6800GT AGP do component video out? If so where can I get a cable to do it? Hopefully a DVI or S-Video to Component cable, don't want to use VGA port for this. All the adapters I’ve seen on the web for this say they are for ATI cards only.

Also I have a DVI to Component Video cable for a satellite box but it doesn't work. Windows sees it as a default monitor and the display is garbled even at boot. I would say the video card doesn't know to use analog on the DVI port when it’s connected. If some pins are needed to be tide together to make the card see the cable as analog I could do that if I knew what pins to wire.
The 6800 GT, 6800 Ultra and 7800 GS do not have component output. The share the same circuit board layout and only have an S-Video out instead of the 9 pin or 7 pin mini-DIN (both of which are compatible with the 9 pin mini-DIN to component adapter).
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