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Default Re: Water cooling... it is really starting to spike my interest-

Yeah, they're a popular item at the moment. Their official site has them, but they're overseas:

If you'd rather wait until PerformancePCs has them in stock, they'll cut the hole in the top of the case for you and mount it for a reasonable price. I had them do that with my case when I got it there.

To drain w/ a res, you can either have a drain valve at the bottom of your loop or just do what I do and pull the res/tubing out of the case and low enough to drain it into a pan. Then tilt the case to get all the liquid out.

I have no problem draining mine at all, but I do have a little extra tubing on it which allows me to take it out of my drive bay and lower it outside the case so that it's at the lowest point.

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