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Default Anyway to get Vsync without high CPU usage on XGL?

Vertical sync works great on AIGLX/Beryl but not on XGL. I know I can get vsync using XGL by using the nvidia environment variables but that gives me super high CPU usage. I was wondering if anyone knew a good way to get vsync with XGL/Beryl. I use XGL as it feels much faster and also because I don't get black windows after a while and is generally more stable for me. It looks like it is limited to limiting the framerate by 1 frame every x amount of milliseconds IE when you cap it to 60 it does it @ 62 because it can only do 1000/2, 500 FPS, 1000/3 333 FPS, 1000/4 250 FPS, 1000/5 200 FPS 1000/6 167 FPS, 1000/7 143 FPS, 1000/8 125 FPS, etc.... until 1000/16 = 62.5 FPS, or 1000/17 = 58.8 FPS, no way to get 60 FPS exactly. Turning on Vsync in the beryl config doesn't do anything.
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