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Default 8800GTX Bios + overclock safe?

This question is becomming pretty much a regular, but most threads are for 8800GTS, and flashing a 8800GTX with a GTS bios is bad news so here goes:

Ok so basicly, alot of people on a 8800GTX seem to be having really high temperatures with their 8800GTX (70 - 80 degrees celsius ). My card has the default Gainward fan and runs idle at 54 Degrees celcius and stressed (Medieval 2 Total war holds the record) 60 degrees celcius.

Now I was wondering where I could get myself a decent BIOS with higher shader clocks. I am also thinking about overclocking the core/mem. I think it's fairly safe at these temperatures but I certainly do not want to fry it...

Anybody knows where to get a BIOS that works on a Gainward 8800GTX? Also does anybody have an idea on how far I should go? 620/2000 with 1.9GHz shader sounds awesome, but I do NOT want this card to melt the whole heatsink...

What about Nibitor? Can I make my own BIOS based on the original Gainward Rev1 Bios?
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