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Default Re: Too late to jump into WoW?

Originally Posted by Tyr-Sog
I stopped playing wow back in August and just started playing again with a fresh new account(sold my old one). The communities are still thriving and low zones are still heavily populated with either new people or people starting alts(at least on my server).

IMO, the game is just really fun. It just seems to have the right amount of balance in every catagory to make it stay interesting. I can see how ever die hard mmo'ers finding it a bit on the shallow/easy side though. It is pretty easy to lvl and the trades are just as easy to lvl.
Ok just to update.

I'm bored as hell of the game again. In the end the game is just to simple a repetive. PVP is a mess and is nothing but a 2-3 shot bore fest imo. Same old BG maps(well eos now, yay/yawn) and 2 lousy arna maps just dont cut it. Just no depth in about ever catagory.

Quit playing a week ago after a couple weeks of the old log on log off syndrom and my account expired yesterday. I have no interest in renewing and most likely will ebay this account like I did my first.
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