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Default Re: Stability Problems amd64

Originally Posted by jimorr
This seems to be a common thread of late. My own experiences closely mimic this as well. New Nvidia based motherboard, AMD 64 bit chip, Nvdia 7300 series video card. System works flawlessly with nv driver, multiple latest versions of nvidia driver with compiz causes ramdom system hangs (usually just several minutes after starting...) Would have liked to stick with this board, but I need a stable system and I just don't have anymore time to waste right now...
I see similar problems. The nv driver is stable (but unacceptably slow). The proprietary driver eventually causes the following to be logged to the system console:

EDAC k8 MC0: GART TLB errorr: transaction type(generic), cache level(generic)
EDAC k8 MC0: extended error code: GART error

The errors are less frequent with NvAGP enabled (within 3 days of booting, versus within 1 day), but they still occur. Once a GART error is reported, applications start crashing sporadically, which is only fixed by rebooting.

The hardware should be fine, since I ran the 8762 driver on RHEL4 for months without any issues. I upgraded to 9755 due to incompatibilities with RHEL5 that prevent the 8762 installer from building kernel modules.
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