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Default Re: Nvidia Linux Driver + 8800GTX + 4gigs of ram = No write combining

Firstly, thank you all for your responses. I'm still trying to get this problem sorted out. I've tried manually rewriting my MTRR to no avail: The simplist change to the table causes my machine to go into a deep lag from which I cannot recover, and I can't find nearly enough documentation on the MTRR to figure out what mine really should be.

As pointed out, my video memory claims to start at 0xd0000000, then device memory at 0xf8000000, up until 0x100000000... but 0x100000000 is at 4096, the end of my system memory. Shouldn't my video ram be outside of my system memory? And why is my default MTRR table so far off from everything I can find on how the MTRR should look?

As for PAT, I cannot figure a way to determine if mine is enabled/functioning correctly, but I certainly don't have any sort of 2D acceleration.

I installed from an ebuild, but the gentoo ebuilds just download and auto-execute the latest .run file. I can try doing it manually if you believe it would help however

- Neph
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