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Default Re: Looking to buy new HDTV...

Originally Posted by Arihn

I currently own a 46" Sony Wega rear projection tv. I am interested in upgradin to a plasma or LCD set. Can anyone fill me in on the advantages/disadvantages of 1080p compared to other resolutions? Also, let me know if it is worth the extra cash....Thanks!

What are you going to be doing with the LCD/Plasma that you weren't doing with your reap projection?

I'm asking this because you aren't going to be "blown away" if your Wega is already HD. Other people disagree when it comes to HTPC usage, and I'm not the person to ask because my experience is practially null. However, in my opinion, for games and movies you cannot do better for the size/color reproduciton/price as a LCoS or DLP projection TV. LCD/Plasma do offer practical advantages because they are physically small, but they are more expensive and use more power.

As far as resolutions go (and not talking about HTPC stuff) I would say, generally, that if you have a TV which is less than 50", you do not need 1080p. You just won't see the difference in real-life scenarios. Ultimately, however, the best thing to do is to go out and look at several TVs. Find the right size TV that you want, and the right technology that will fit your needs, then choose on resolution when you are looking at the differences side by side at a given distance (i.e. your sitting distance at home). I wouldn't buy 1080p just because it's "future proof"; because there's always something on the horizon.

BTW, be careful at stores when you are comparing TVs. It's fairly safe to say that all TVs are improperly calibrated (it's also safe to say that a TV out of the box is not calibrated). You should have your own media to bring, and hopefully you are able to tune the TVs to some general level before comparison.
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