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Default To HTPC Peeps

I've been interested in making backups of my DVD collection onto my storage server/HTPC and I had a question. Which one of these two methods are better for ripping a DVD and backing it up for later use?

1: Ripping the DVD (main feature only or the entire disc), not converting any of the files and running a program like "Matinee" that plays TS_VIDEO files and such.


2: Ripping the DVD (main feature only or the entire disc), converting the movie to MPEG or AVI (or any other high quality format) and just running it under VLC or what not.

Just wondering, I'd like to keep the HDD space to the max (I only have a 80GB HDD) and get as many movies/music/other stuff on there as I can. Any suggestions would help.

EDIT: Also, what about getting the best quality? I have a 32" Westinghouse LCD at 720p and I'd like to have the movies upconverted for the best quality, while keeping the storage space in mind.
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