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Default Re: nvidia 7300 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities (driver BUG)

Some more food: installed the 7300GS on intel motherboard (DQ965GF) with same configuration and all and it is solid. So, proble seems tied to ATI chipset.
BUT Intel has great support to Free Software community (their driver source code is available also for 3D features), so the board is useless on this mobo.
I have beryl rock solid and smooth on the board with Intel, so the problem stays there. I want to use the 7300GS on that $%#@@# ATI mobo, and You have decided to keep drivers closed source, I have bought Your product, You said chipset is supported in Linux, the ball is on Your side.
I am of no help here, just have to wait.
Next week I will try to use open source radeon drivers for the ATI chipset on the board... maybe I will manage to sell the Nvidia board without loosing too much money...
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