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Default Re: Looking to buy new HDTV...

Originally Posted by Arihn
Before I answer your questions I appreciate your input. I am relatively, or *completely* new to these types of forums and I apologize if my post was not informative enough. I will attempt to give you an idea of what I use my TV for. I enjoy playing video games, I own an xbox 360. However, I do not know if I want to invest another 1000+ on a PS3 (console, controllers, games, etc...) I enjoy having the TV in my bedroom because I am a college student and I spend alot of time in my room. Therefore my viewing distance is close, ranging from 4-8 feet. I am not concerned with using the TV as a computer monitor.

I would appreciate it greatly if you might be able to come up with some ideas as to what might suit my needs best. I am interested in LCD's (1080p, 1080i, 720p, etc..., plasmas,and DLP projection TV's).

Thanks so much,

At that distance you would be better off with a smaller screen, so that you wouldn't have to move your eyes around all the time in order to take in all the action that's going on on the screen. So I'd recommend a 32"(720p) or 37"(1080p) LCD. Keep in mind that most xbox360 games will need some scaling, which makes the image a bit more "unsharp". This is especially important when viewing sd-tv material, as artefacts can sometimes appear on the screen(the screen needs to fill out the extra pixels of the TV, in order to get a full-sized picture, to match the broadcast and sometimes it doesn't do a very good job).

Projection TVs have a very good picture quality but most often lousy vertical viewing angles(for best img. quality they should be on approx. eye-height).
And they're BIG, clumsy and very heavy. They are a bit cheaper, but you can't hang them on your wall! New bulbs also cost a fortune.

Plasmas have a better image quality than LCDs, but when it comes to price and problems, LCDs blows them away. So do yourself a favour and skip plasmas(if you don't plan on getting a 42"+ screen that is!).

LCDs are cool, small and don't draw as much power as plasmas. So I'd say go with an LCD, preferably a Panasonic(they only make 26-32inchers, but they have a very good image quality), a SHARP or a Sony(don't buy the ones with U's in the name!).

The reason why I recommended the smaller screen is simply because it will cost you less and won't cause as much trouble as a big screen. It will also help you take in the whole scene without having to move your eyes around, as I mentioned earlier. You see, your eyes always focus on one spot, and your brain will mostly concentrate on that spot only, causing you not to "notice" or see the things going on at the sides of your vision. Don't believe me? Try putting up three fingers and move them around, keeping your eyes looking straight forward. You'll notice that it will get pretty hard to see how many fingers you're holding up, as you move your fingers towards the end of your field of vision.

Newer LCDs also have a new 100Hz feature, which is mostly marketing bull****, but definitely noticable when playing games and it won't cost you much extra.

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