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This is what their website says now, which was changed when PCB 2.0 come out. Previously, it said that the A7N8X supported a 200Mhz FSB. Now its saying only the 2.0 pcb does.

I quote:

-->FSB 400 Support

Starting from PCB version 2.0, The A7N8X motherboard supports Front Side Bus (FSB) 400. The PCB (Printed Circuit Board) version is located beside the motherboard name printed on the motherboard. PCB 2.0 BIOS version or later are not compatible with PCB 1.06 or earlier BIOS versions.

Also, the change log from the latest bios says nothing about 400Mhz FSB support or lowering noise, BUT, the CPU support page says that the Barton 3000+ is supported at 400Hmz.

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2. Add "Dual Channel mode" or "Single Channel mode" string on POST screen.
3. Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at:
4. Fix Win98 system shuts down fail if USB mouse legacy item in BIOS setup is enabled.
5. Fix large data transfer failed under Win2K and WinXP with hard disks configured as RAID0.
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