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Default Re: Is it really necessary to allow nude avatars?

Originally Posted by GamerGuyX
In my eyes, there simply is no issue at hand. Really don't see how this even compares to even your garden variety commercial you see on TV on a daily basis.

I mean what's next? You gonna start complaining that I got a pentagram as my profile picture?

Get the **** over yourselves.
Please understand, I mean no disrespect...but I'm talking about something that is bigger than just you. If people are surfing at work, and their boss' stroll pass their pc and see some half-naked girl on the user's pc, then that guy can get fired. No questions asked. There are Sexual Harassment laws that put a lot of pressure on companies nowadays.

And also...I have two soon-to-be step daughters. I would not want them to be watching over my shoulder (when I'm at home) and they see a half naked avatar on one of the threads I'm reading.

Again...this is just my opinion.
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