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Default Re: Is it really necessary to allow nude avatars?

Originally Posted by GamerGuyX
I understand but in my opinion you shouldn't go here at work if you feel lke it may jeopardize your job. Same with when your step daughters are around. It should be your responsibility to take measures to stop those things from happening. Why punish the rest of us?
Punishment? So now it's a punishment you can't have a TnA avatar on a forum? I always thought personal avatars were a privilege. Some forums don't allow them, do I stop going there? No. But here we are not discussing 1/2 naked women (most of the time), we are discussing computer hardware, politics, etc. Why should anyone here have to feel like participating in such topics should cause them additional concern other then the topic contents?

It's an iffy issue I agree, but fact is we aren't in a democracy here, we don't necessarily have Freedom of Speech, we have an honor system and a much more despot-based (not in the tyrannical form) command structure so we await their decision should they wish to give it.
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