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Default Re: Planet Earth HD DVD storms AMAZON Top 10!

Originally Posted by gmontem
You still get 'n' quantities pre-ordered no matter how you look at it, be it 'n' people pre-ordering randomly or at the same date as everyone else. If anything, the rally delayed the comeback since it kept a lot of people from placing a pre-order at the time Amazon accepted pre-orders of Planet Earth.
Well I mean if that thread is excited and pumped for all purchasing on one day, telling everyone else to also purchase on one day (including the people who weren't going to purchase at all), I think that would have a slightly higher effect than everything being spread out with no hype at all.

I guess the numbers at the end of the month will show what the deal is and if this thing even had an effect. Ruined is like a kid in a candy shop right now so I'm not going to ruin (no pun intended) his moment. Sorry for going off topic.
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