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Default Re: Nvidia Linux Driver + 8800GTX + 4gigs of ram = No write combining

Disabling Beryl doesn't really help with the pixmap lag, simpler themes/windows do slightly but the combined effect of it still makes X too painful to use. I've still not been able to get any sort of MTRR table besides the initial (painfully wrong seeming) one to work (any minor change causes an eternity of lag).

As for the 256megs of video ram, does that mean that only that 256 meg chunk needs to be MTRR mapped? I'm still hoping I can somehow figure out what's wrong with my MTRR table and manually correct it. Making write-back chunks up to 0xD0000000 then 256 megs of write-combining leaves a hole before 0xF800000 where my system devices are, and even if I map the 0xF8000000 range it begins to lag sinfully.

Again, any insights/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

- Neph
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