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Default Disabling power saving features

Is it possible to disable/modify the power savings functionality of the Go series cards (7900GS Go in my case) so that they don't underclock when the GPU is relatively idle? I'm sure it's very useful for power savings to have GPUCurrentClockFreqs scale down to 100,100 but, it's very bad for composited desktops because it often takes some time for the card to realize that it needs to step back up to maximum speed. Because of this there is frequently a "warmup" period where everything is updating at like 5 frames per second when using things like compiz scale/switcher/cube (specifically when dealing with large windows) until the card wakes up and goes to full speed.

I've looked around for a way to disable this functionality but, I didn't notice anything. Having a writable "GPUMinimumClockFreqs" or something of that nature would be ideal because it would allow people to use laptop_mode to control the power savings features. As it currently stands, it's painful to use a composited desktops because the card is generally in low power mode and so any sort of large screen update is exceedingly slow.
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