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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Just do direct rips and add more HDD space. Hard drives are extremely cheap if you buy them at the right time. Hell, 4 years ago I would commonly buy 160GB HDD's at 20-60 dollars each. Now its possible to get 300GB's at that price if you play your cards right.

Quit buying your stuff from apple, they rip you off.
Ha! Nice post. Seriously though, here's what I've been looking at:

1) I could use my PC to set up a Linux based HTPC and also having it to be a storage server as well. All I would have to purchase would be a nicer HTPC case, remote, IR receiver, and a new DVD-ROM drive. This would probably cost around $150-$250 depending on what I buy.

2) I could purchase a package from that includes a copy of Windows MCE 05, Windows MCE remote, Hauppage PVR-150 and NVIDIA's Decoding software for about $225. Also along with a new, more attractive HTPC case, it would be about $350 after shipping and everything.

3) I could buy an Apple TV for $300, which is a nice and SMALL device in which you could do all kinds of stuff with (install a full version of OSX, add a bigger HDD, create a emulator for SNES, NES, etc) and doesn't take up that much space. Just like most Apple products, it's attractive. Also, I could buy an Elgato EyeTV Hybrid, a USB stick device that inputs SD and HD cable and OTA channels. Again, all of this takes up little to nothing on space, whereas the other two options would take a decently big HTPC case. Total = $450

I already have some my movies ripped onto my iMac and iBook so it will be convient either way, Macs work with anything. And I know that you can mix and match on the features too. I'd like to get the Linux based solution to work but my PC is rejecting it and I don't have a lot of time to dabble in it right now. Maybe once I can get past finals, I'll have some time.
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