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The TI 4600 is the best, 4400 second best, 4200 hundred third. I agree with surfmonkey. You wont se too much of a performance update by upgrading to a geforce4 mx. If you want a card immediatly at the 100 dollar price tag, go to ebay and there you will find geforce3s. Ti 500 is the fastest, regular geforce3 is second fastest, and ti 200 is third fastest. You could find the regular geforce3 for around 90 dollars at ebay. But if you have losts of money you might want to think about the radeon 9700. 400 dollars gets you extreme performance. or wait 4 months and get the nv30, 400 dollars, and get ultra extreme performance. Or you could get the geforce4 ti series, very good series, i would get the Geforce4 TI 4600, at ebay for around 200. Very very good card. well worth the extra hundred dollars over a geforce 4 mx.
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