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Default RPM files for Red Hat 8

New to Red Hat but not to Unix,

I must be misunderstanding something. I've read all the documentation for downloading and installing the kernel and GPX driver files.

I believe I have all the software pre-requisites.

Problem 1 - First the document does not seem to explain how one acquires or creates the RPM files. I seems to jump from having the .gz files to installing RPM files. Other threads seem to do the same so I assume everyone but me understands.

I've been searching the Nvidia site for the Red Hat RPM files and can't find anything. I did download the following files:

- NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-4180.tar.gzseem
- NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4180.tar.gz

I gunzip-ed and untar-ed the files. They don't contain RPM files!


Problem 2 - OK so there's no RPM files I'll switch to an SRPM install. When I compile I receive an error stating something about 32bit or does not support 64 bit.

Is this possibly I don't either have the correct hardware or Linux Installation?
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