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Default Re: Is it really necessary to allow nude avatars?

Originally Posted by nemecb
Do the last two sentences of that post relate to what I said at all? I'm not judging anyone and I don't see what people's other interests have to do with these avatars. I'm simply asking why it's a big deal for people to keep their avatars family-friendly. I have no problem with the pictures themselves, heck I peruse the babe thread all the time, but I'd prefer they be kept to the babe thread so I don't accidentally come across them at an awkward time. I don't see this as particularly unreasonable.
I'm still of the opinion that if there is a chance of viewing the pics at an awkward time that you should turn the avatars off. That doesn't seem any more unreasonable than people having to get rid of those avatars altogether. Why should people have to censor their avatars if the avatar is a reflection of them and their interests? I have no problem with people expressing themselves.
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