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Default 3.4GHz stable at 1.38 Voltagel

I have a question in relation to this. Should I leave the other voltages such as FSB, PCI-E at default? It automatically puts my PCI-E at 1.4 Voltage, and my FSB at 1.4. When I am typing here or anywhere else I here my PC beep. I hadn't heard this before now.

So far Prime 95 is not reporting any errors, it did on both of them at 1.3500. What do you guys think? I will post a screenshot in a second. Also my RAM has disappeared. It was in NVMonitor.. I increased the voltage of it to 2.0. It was at 1.9, but I had to o/c it by like 10 MHz and I wanted it to be stable. It may be

It just beeped like 3 times in a row while typing that, and it stops me from typing for a second almost like its having trouble accepting my key strokes. Any ideas would help alot. Oh well prime 95 just failed. Gotta reboot.

Just upped the voltage to 1.4. Going to test it from here, 40c idle temps. The beeping is still occuring even with the RAM back at stock voltage, with timings of 4-4-4-15.

Ok its just failed again this time only a few seconds into the test.
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