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Originally Posted by Bman212121
Hmm, what do you currently have now for a PC? Is it your gaming PC?

A lot of what I would do depends upon what your setup is. If you are just going to be using it as a gaming / media computer hooked to a monitor, I would just leave it with xp and not even worry about MCE. If you want to have a dedicated HTPC that sits with your tv, then I would probably look at getting the stand alone unit. The biggest thing is that if you want to either rip or encode, you'll want a lot of CPU power to do that with.

Either way, if your going to be spending money a hard drive should be first on the list. With direct rips you could only get about 15 movies onto that hard drive, with no room left over for anything else. That might also influence your decision as well.

@einstein_314: If you want to re-encode those vids, a great program is autoGK. It is a simplified version of an all in one solution to re-encode movies.

What goodies does MCE have? I can't use it because it doesn't support my current tuner, but I'm curious if it is even that much nicer than simply using regular xp.

Yes, I will be using my gaming PC as my media server as well as my HTPC. I finally got Linux installed on my PC and I'm going to be trying the Linux MCE ( If that works, then all I need to buy is a PVR card and a remote. Oh, and yes, I will have to buy an extra hard drive. The bad thing is that I have a $1,700 engagement ring to pay off in the mean time lol.
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