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Default Help, total redhat noob, need quite alot of help

Decided to install redhat 9 on my second computer as I need to learn it for my college course.

I currently have a few problems.

1 - How do I install the latest nvidia drivers, i no you cant do it within X, and you have to do it in some dos like envorment, but how do i get to it and what do i do ?

2 - Ive downloaded quake 3 and installed it for linux, but when i run it, the screen quickly flashers and then nothing happens, like it going to launch the game.

3 - Anyone no where i can get any of the following programs for linux:

Ut2k3 (not just dedicated server if possible)

Kazza (Lite if avaliable)

Half life (not just dedicated server if possible)

I no this is a nvidia forum so any help on the 1st question would be fine, even if you ignore the rest. Remember, this is the first time ive used this and i no nothing, its like ive started on pcs again.

Cheers people, hope you can help
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