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Default Re: OMG! AN insult @ nVnews

Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R

Why the attack?
I believe that was a reference to the fanboy posts in the forums, not about the staff at the websites.

If he was also including the staff, then his commentary is only partly correct. I don't remember NVNews writing up an editorial trying to cover up a "bug" in the Quake3-enhanced drivers. Nor do I see NVIDIA taking ideas from a NVNews editorial on how to defend themselves after getting caught using that "bug".

People like to "forget" (for the lack of a better word) the order in which things happened.

ATI had Quake3-enhanced drivers without mentioning it to anyone. Websites used it in their previews without mentioning that they had Q3-enhanced drivers. (NVIDIA was kind enough to pass along the news to certain media outlets like Tom's Hardware. These outlets chose to keep quiet. So you can forget about the "unbiased" reporting from these sites when they knowingly withheld information that disputes the validity of their results.)

When the card finally hit the store shelves, those holding out the information about the drivers finally opened up. HardOCP beat Tom to the punch on that one. Tom chose to stay quiet about the drivers when his review was published. I can only guess that HardOCP wanted to wait until the "final" shipping drivers were available before saying something.

ATi's response was to keep quiet when the masses found out what they did.

Fanboys in the forums jumped on ATI's defense while ATI was keeping their mouth shut. The argument from the fanboys ranged from the "so-what" type defense to "bug" defense. Fanboy webmasters writes editorial, showing a preference to the "bug" defense. Even before the editorial was posted, the "bug" defense was quite popular among the mindless drones.

ATI gets interviewed by FiringSquad where the "bug" defense was finally used as ATI's official response.

Why do you need a PR department when you can use a fanboy site and their forums as your source of PR ideas?

Maybe someone should e-mail NVIDIA and inform them that NVNews and its forum members can be just as valuable as a PR resource as a certain other site is to ATi.
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