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Default Re: Stability Problems amd64

Originally Posted by earoque
atiixp: ATI IXP chipset IDE Controller. I'm not explicitly loading this module with any config files, so it is auto-magically loaded at boot.

Crash Kernel line is probably part of the debugging options I've enabled (I'll check on this).

I'm booting with "agp=off", the option is selected by "IOMMU" support in the kernel config. Other than the frame buffer driver for the card, what exactly do you mean with 'kernel driver'?!

What would eliminating "kexec" accomplish?

btw.: obviously there are working systems, but I'm having a heck of a time getting it stable. And: with one screen activated it crashes as well, it just takes at least a half an hour.... or can stay up for five....
Well, at first I thought that you might have agp-support as a module - ignore that.

Removing kexec - and everything you don't need, reduces the risks and eleminates possible causes of your problems. Try building a kernel, where only stuff you really need is compiled in/built as module.
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