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Default Re: Triple Head for NVIDIA graphics cards?

It's a fact that once you start using two or three monitors, you will NEVER
be able to do with less again. I've used dual-head for a long time now,
and it just sucks that's a-symmetric: you want one monitor in the middle
and then symmetrical one left and right.

Of course, all three monitors need to be digital TFT's. I intended to use
three widescreen 20" monitors in my next setup - IF I can find the right
videocard + drivers that is :/

At the moment it's totally unclear if this is at all supported (if I have this
setup - then I insist that all monitors are equally supported in regards to
acceleration. Playing -say- Unreal Tournament 2004 on it should use all
three monitors if I want that). Normally I'll use it for 2D, but still.
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