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Default Re: Random system lockups

Originally Posted by whig
Check logs (eg nvidia X log warnings),
I've checked my logs and found nothing of interest. I can post them if you would like.

EDIT: I tried to post them, but kern.log and syslog are too big to post as attachments. They are over 1 MB.

Originally Posted by whig
gpu & cpu temperatures etc. Could do a memtest for completeness.
I tried the memtest before. It ran for a long time with no errors. The hardware temps are doing good. My GPU usually sits a little over 50.

Originally Posted by whig
If your graphics card takes external power, is it plugged in? (Happened to me, doh.) Does Windows hang like this too?
My card isn't that nice that it takes external power... Its just a GeForce 7300 GS. I haven't spent enough time on windows to really remember whether this happens in windows, but from what I can remember, it never did before, so I would assume the problem lies in the Linux drivers somewhere.
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