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Default Re: Ubuntu 7.04 TOMORROW

I've got 7.04 on my PC and it's been a great experience so far. There is a new "Wireless Network Manager", it pretty much takes out the process of installing a bunch of crap with a bunch of apt-get's, so not bad. I haven't tried it out on a laptop yet, prolly won't. Also, Compiz is built in. Once you active the "NVIDIA 3D Accellerator Driver" and restart, Compiz BEAUTIFULLY gives your wobbly windows and other desktop effects.

Installation is easy, just like others. The only bug that I've come across is the resolution. You WILL be stuck at 1024x768. I've tried to install NVIDIA drivers manually and edited xorg.conf but it won't go through. Many other people are having the same problem I am. Hopefully, an update or solution will fix this problem.
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