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Default Re: DC Opty @ 3Ghz 8800GTS SLI

Originally Posted by rev.
I idle 38-40C depending on ambient temps and my fan speeds (ATM I am at 50% on the CPU fan and 40C playing music and browsing).

Load is 48C or so.
Those temps are awesome. What case are you using?

When I first built my rig with the Opty my temps were extremely high (idled around 45*C) and that was just at stock speeds. I had four case fans (120mm @ 89CFM, one 92mm at 50cfm, and an 80mm at about 25cfm- for intake, and one 120mm @ 89CFM for exhaust). I am also running two 8800GTSs (640MB each)- and I'm thinking that my tower is just too small for all the components I had crammed in there. Then again, the mobo did die on me, and acted funny from the get-go, so maybe it was just the board reporting temps wrong. This is the cooler I'm using for my Opty:

I was using crappy silicone thermal grease- but have recently gotten some AS5. I'm aiming on assembling the rig tomorrow (just got the replacement mobo a few days ago). Gonna' lap the heatsink, and this time if my temps are still high- I just my go with a different heatsink or maybe even something a bit more extreme- like the CoolIT FreeZone, though my case probably isn't big enough for such a cooler.
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