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well i have no problems with the Price
Nvidia choose for the Nv30 ,if it goes over $400
;IF the performance of the card Smokes Radeon9700 like the Geforce4 to RADeon2 ..

The Thing is the Geforce4 already handle ALL avaible GAmes at high quality /max setting in 1600x1200 ,AA+AF 2x.. i play Ghost recon
/medal of honor/Jedignight2 at 1600x1200 with aniso from 2x to 8x(AA off).. and i only have
an atlonXp 1900+...

and even Geforce4 is fast enough to play UnrealT2003 at 1600x res -high settings
with a fast machine ,so until Doom3 i see no reason to pay $400 dollars for a video card
unless you are struggling with a low video card like Radeon2 or GeforceMx ...

You pay for what you get , and if you cant afford
$400 now ,go for the middle performace solution Nv28 or wait 6 months a get NV30 a lot more cheaper ..
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