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Default geforce6200 dualhead prob


System: Netvista 6794 Intel chipset mb/geforce 6200 (fuzion)/1 gig ram/P4 1.8 ghz/Fedora Core 5 w/ mythdora 3.2 install.

I am having a problem with using dvi-vga adapter on a working crt. The vga connects to hp m3130 projector. THis is a dualboot system and both monitor and crt work properly under dualview in win2k (w/ back level driver). Using dualhead Fedora the boot text works fine on both the monitor and projector, but as soon as x initializes the crt monitor (from the dvi-vga adapter) is covered with patterns of different colored rectangles. I have tried changing the resolution/color depth.

Mythdora offers nvidia users the (newer?) NVIDIA or (older?) nv driver as display driver options. I am currently using the NVIDIA driver. I am new to linux and don't know how to find out what version it is - but it is a very current driver if not the most recent. I think when I tried the nv driver I had a similar prob, but am not positive.

I really need to be able to use the crt monitor for the many hours I expect to find myself configuring mythtv to get it to work properly

Thanks for the help in advance.


P.S. I am a new linux user.
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