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Lightbulb ONLY NEWBEE-MANDRAKE 9.1(9.0)+driver NVIDIA install

hi all

I am ok now (linux drivers work fine : thanks nvidia !)

I've just managed to install these nvidia drivers

and i post this new tread to explain for newbees

how I proceeded...

First : 1) you have got : -LINUX-MANDRAKE 9.1 (3CD/6CD)
-XFREE86 4.3.0
(DL on ftp web site)

2) you know your username and password
and root /password
(I suppose you have finished to setup mandrake and you are under X serveur with kde3 yet)

first of all : linux mandrake use "init 5" to boot under
X serveur (XFREE) so load a terminal
thus write into terminal

--- first of all you must change for root

[username-xxxx-/]$ su //(to have root)
password : your password //( ROOT PASSWORD)

then [root-xxxx-login]$ write : init 3

//warning: don't forget to put a space after init otherwise it don't work

so Xserveur don't start each time you start OS and you can modify your folders or files as you want and as you need...

thus somewhere you have a file like this

on your hdd may be under home/username or home/username/desktop

then write : [root-xxxx-$]$ sh

//interface takes care :
//And the installation is automatically made

3) then, you must edit your XFree86Config-4 with vi
[root-xxxx-/X11]$ vi XFree86Config-4

interface takes care and support on "inser"

add this text above : Section "InputDevice"

Section "Module"
load "dbe" #Double-Buffering Extention
load "v4l" #video for linux
load "extmod"
load "type1"
load "glx" #3 D layer

to modify (also): don't forget to change the line "nv" by "nvidia"

support on"inser" then write : wq! in order to
save and write the new case in Xfree86Config-4 file

after you see this
[root-xxxx-/X11]$ cd .. // you can write (cd ..) like under dos command to change the folders as you wish

[root-xxxx-$]$ login //your username
password : *****

[username-xxxx-$]$ startx // to load Xserver / Kde

that's all (notice when you load startx you know if it works by the
logo nvidia )

and now you can play with tuxracer (marvellous)
and look great opengl animations (sreensaver and so on)


I hope you understand me quite well

look my great new PC (frenchy site)
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