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This game is the farking piznit of the sasquatches butnuttter fly contraption of all far. Dont worry thats a good ting.
Im getting the $199 lifetime vesion. Makes most sense to me.

Its got all the best parts of wow, eq2, etc and it looks friggin badass! 1920X1200 eveything exteme and crazy high.. aa/af you name it.8800gtx anad oc'd quad core mind you but its cool anyhow.
It also loves vista... i actually installed it as adiministator the first time and they said that was a nono.. first time ive ever seen a game do that..
you can even /smoke and your toon pulls out a fat sack of old tobey and lights up.. that is that did ir for me right there...
image while waiting for a raid rest up everyone all smoking out together...
awesome!!! lol
anyhow my name is Highknee/Kneehigh I dont know how servers work but i always choose brandywine.
I'm in a bloated guild with 900 members that i can't remember the name of right now...
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