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Default SATA CD ROMS drives, your sucess with them

I have an older MSI COMBO MAX drive that works in certain systems. It worked long ago with either Knoppix 3.7, also could burn with it, under the Intel 865 chipset and the older 2.4 kernel. Since then, getting it to run with the 2.6 kernel, even on the Knoppix 3.7 and later version have been unsucessful.

Currently with Open SUSE 10.2, it properly gets detected and works with the CK804 controller or nForce4 chipeset. But under the nforce6150/430 Abit nf-m2 nView board with the MCP51 controller, again, it tries to access it and fails to read it. I see it try to soft reset it and it does, but fails.

Is this just because it is an older drive? Do people still have issues with SATA optical cdrom drives from being detected? I tried even 10.3 Alpha 3 with the 2.6.21rc5 kernel and it does the same thing. I want to get a new Pioneer drive but if this it the case I will have to get the PATA version, and quite frankly I am sick of IDE cables.
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