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Default Lots of HD questions

Sorry to do this, but I'm somewhat unfamiliar with alot of this stuff, and will be buying soon (next few months, possibly sooner). I've already asked about TV's, and will probably be getting a 42"-50" LCD with Native 1080P Support (Verizon Fios TV is going to start broadcasting sports in 1080P in the fall!!! WOOT!) I know I can search the net, but I trust you guys more than some guy I don't know on a forum I don't visit. Now to the questions...

1. I know this is a HUGE debate, but could someone who owns both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD explain the pros and cons of each (without being overly fanboyish? :P)

2. If I choose Blu-Ray, I might opt for the PS3 (I hear it's a good player). Do the games they make for it run at a high resolution though? (IE-High Def)?

3. If I choose HD-DVD and buy a cheapy one, is that bad? Are there any inexpensive ones that are decent out there? How is the $199 add on unit for the 360? I might go that route..

4. If I choose to go balls out and buy a combo unit - is there anything wrong with this one :
I know it doesn't do iHD, but what is that anyway?

5. Do either format have movies that are 1080P? If not, why are people buying 1080P TV's (With exception of Fios like I stated above)

6. Would it be best to wait it out and just buy an upconverting DVD player? How do those look compared to BR or HDDVD? BestBuy has an LG on sale for 85 bucks!

Thanks in advance - I won't be able to see any responses till Tuesday as I'll be out of town, so don't be put off if I don't answer any ? during that time..

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