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Default Re: High def TV Tuner - Vista

Don't take my comment as a recommendation for the HDTV Wonder though. I was just saying that it seems to perform well in Vista, seems stable and the media center that came with Vista Ultimate has pretty much everything thing I need.

As far as the HDTV Wonder, it's kind of a pain that's it's not officially supported and maybe a little risky to have to count on a 3rd party procedure but on the otherhand, the procedure works and so far everything has been great.

Also, while I think the recorded hi-def material looks good on the computer, using the media center to burn a DVD that will play in any standalone DVD player seemed to reduce the quality more than I expected. I haven't played with it much to see if I can force a higher quality though. Another thing I was wondering was if I had a blu-ray or HD DVD burner, if I'd be able to burn hi-def programs without any loss in quality or if some copy protection feature would keep that from working.
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