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Default Re: pm-suspend broken on fedora core 6 on gf4 ti4200

i have just upgraded to the latest stable legacy drivers (1.0.7185) and thing could not go worse. I have totally lost the ability to suspend (.

Let me try to summarize the problem :

*Driver version < 9626 (actually pre texture-from-pixmap version) => suspend was ok (i was able to suspend and resume many times in a sequence without problems)

*Driver version 9626-9631 - suspends and resumes ok for the first time but then locks when suspending the second time.

*Current Driver (1.0.7185) locks during resume (always ). I attach the nvidia-bug-report log file where i can see some "BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at kernel/rwsem.c:20" entries.

Suspend is working ok with the nv driver, and I have applied the vbetool changes in pm-functions-nvidia as directed on this forum.

Can I do anything to help to solve this problem?

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