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Default Re: pm-suspend broken on fedora core 6 on gf4 ti4200

I've had similiar problems on my machine. The stacktraces are annoying, but do not appear to be causing any problems. I also have the freeze on second resume for the 9631.

I tried the 7185 drivers, but they never seemed to resume properly. I'm stlll using the 7184 drivers for now.

I just stuck "return" as the second line in /etc/pm/functions-nvidia. I also added a new script called /etc/pm/hooks/99chvt (see below) to switch to console mode and back as this seems to turn my display back on.

## Temporarily switch to text mode on resume
case "$1" in
/usr/bin/chvt 12
/usr/bin/chvt $VT
exit $?
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